Heather ( Couple ) Australia “ Great introduction to Japanese food and culture ” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I spent a wonderful morning learning how to make sushi, gyoza and miso soup in Moka’s home. Moka’s friendly personality made me feel very comfortable, and her home was welcoming and very organised. Moka had prepared copies of the recipes (with easy to follow photos), and explained the reason why all of the ingredients are used in Japanese cooking. The food was delicious, and I even had enough to take home for my dinner! It was a good to experience Japanese food and culture in such a relaxed environment. I just hope I can find all the ingredients in our Japanese supermarket when I return home. Thank you Moka.

Moka: Thank you very much for the sweet review, Heather!! I am glad you liked my cooking class. I hope you can find the ingredients in Australia and make them at home. We had many things talked and good to know each other. I had great time, too. Thank you and please have fun in your travel in Japan!! Arigatou. Moka